I created this movie for the Junior Breakthrough Challenge:

I created this movie for the Lois Miller Scholarship Fund:

Here are a couple of movies I make guest appearances in:

LIFELINES II w/Aiden Stephan

As well as being house musician and composer, I am a videographer at Point.B Studio. Here’s one such project: a timelapse video from the second floor of our studio building in Port Orford, OR. This one features Soul Pie as the soundtrack. I play the keyboards.

2018 4th of July Parade + Fireworks

This is a movie I made with Rebecca Malamud to celebrate the life of my first piano teacher, Donna Roselius:

This is another movie we created about Dan Almich who was co-founder of New Artists Productions which is an amazing youth theater group in Bandon, Oregon, that I participated in for eight years:

And this is a movie we created for Pacific High School to document their 2020 Graduation Parade during the COVID-19 Pandemic: