Here I am performing with the U of O Jazz Ensemble with Lab Band 3 at Beall Hall on November 19 2022:

Songs performed: “Snooze You Lose Blues,” “Road Song,” and “The Best Day Ever.”

At the U of O Jazz Camp in 2018. I am on the red Nord Stage 3 🙂

Performing Billy Cobham’s “Le Lis” at UofO Jazz Camp

Performing Horace Silver’s “The Jody Grind” at UofO Jazz Camp

Performing Miles Davis’s “All Blues” at UofO Jazz Camp

Here is a clip of me performing with Soul Pie at The Coos County Fair. You can see many more videos of us in action at SoulPie.TV.

“Flip Flop Fly” by Soul Pie at the Coos County Fair

Here I am performing Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon” with my other band “Bay City Swing” at the Egyptian Theater in Coos Bay, OR. It was the first time I ever performed the song.

Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon” (Take I) with Bay City Swing

… we completely NAILED this tune later in another performance at “Flappers” in downtown Coos Bay. 🙂

Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon” (Take II) with Bay City Swing

If you like this kind of music, we’re compiling a collection of playlists from past performances. I’ve also jammed a bit recently with Allen Giardinelli and will add that to the mix as well (you can find that concert on FB). I can’t wait to be performing live with my bandmates someday soon!